Spartanburg MADDDartist turns chaos into beauty

Spartanburg’s ‘MADDD’ artist turns chaos into beauty

Painting Show

Roderice Cardell uses his hands to swirl a rainbow of colors on a large canvas in his studio. Music plays in the background and it seems the beats guide his hands to create his latest masterpiece.

For Cardell, painting becomes a show. He gives a performance while telling a story through his abstract works of art. He uses everything from acrylics to pastels in his work. He sees beauty in colors and that is what he hopes people see in his art.

“I want art to be beautiful, bright colors. Like, life can be so dull at times, so I just feel like why not be vibrant? Why not pop on a wall,” Cardell, a Spartanburg-based actor, musician, and painter, said in a light-filled studio space of the West Main Artist Co-op while peeling dried paint off his hands after a demo performance.

Behind him, three brightly colored paintings sat on easels in front of a paint-splattered drop cloth hanging on the back wall — two completed, one just started. This work in progress had been created in a frenzy of music-led passion over the course of half an hour. The artist had eschewed brushes and squeezed paints directly onto the canvas from their tubes. He created drizzling and squirting patterns, and then had pushed, pulled, and smeared the paint with his hands into a swirling, galactic scene of greens, blues, oranges, yellows, and pinks. While he worked, the artist painted to the beat of a playlist featuring Drake, Kanye West, and the soundtrack from “Dreamgirls.”

Moments later, Cardell removed his motorcycle helmet, turned off the music, and lamented the gold paint that had made its way onto the carpet during the performance.

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Spartanburg MADDDartist turns chaos into beauty


A performance of a lifetime

South Carolina performance artist “THEMADDDARTIST” combines theater, dance, and painting in an exciting visual performance you won’t want to miss!

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